3 Ds to Breakthrough Growth

Discover - Develop - Deliver

We will take you where you have never been

Our unique 3D Breakthrough Solution ensures we have high quality inputs to the plan, that the growth plan provides focus that aligns the leadership team and an action plan connects the growth plan to the day-to-day operations of the organization. We will show you how to discover opportunity in your market; how to develop a strategy that exploits the opportunities; and, most crucial of all, how to deliver the initiatives in your operational plans that will turn the opportunities into growth, solid sales, and operational effectiveness.

Discover Opportunities

The personal breakthrough in discovery comes when you understand the importance of thinking about the business in new ways that shine the light on market-driven growth opportunities. The better the market insight, the more likely you will have market success. All of our engagements include a discovery phase, which involves:

  • understanding the market in which you need to be successful
  • understanding your organization’s unique strengths on which to build future success

For an understanding of what specific activities are included in each Reignite Program, check out our Service Page.
Our one day Reignite Compass also includes a competitive map. Our three month Reignite Accelerator package adds a full discovery report with an analysis of your:

  • customers
  • competitors
  • financial capabilities
  • general market

Develop a strategy

Develop a strategy that sets your future direction and positions you for breakthrough growth, based on the information you uncovered during Discovery.   When the team jointly participates in the “ah-ha” moment(s), alignment and commitment permeates the organization, through its leaders.

It is in the strategy development phase that you gain the focus to achieve clarity and direct future investments.  For an understanding of what specific activities are included in each Reignite Program, check out our Services Page.


Deliver results

Get your entire organization on board to journey to the next level of success. Breakthrough growth doesn’t happen from the C-suite; the entire organization needs to work together to make it happen. No silos. All stakeholders must know what is expected of them and be motivated to deliver.

The only good ideas are the ones that support your strategy and get you where you want to do. In this stage, you will not only identify the right initiatives but prioritize them and define them so that the whole company can support and implement them.

When you engage Breakthrough Masters, we work side-by-side to create the action plan and ensure implementation gets quick traction. For an understanding of what specific activities are included in each Reignite Program check out our Service Page.

Learn more

Learn how the 3D Breakthrough Solution works to help you achieve your goals. There are four different options; one is just right for you.

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