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Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage GrowthReignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth   Reignite-3-D-e1434068630900In today’s fast-paced market, leaders are experiencing challenges that don’t respond to yesterday’s solutions; long-term customers are buying less, margins are tightening, and the pressure is building. Leaders face more game-changing decisions in a shorter time span. The choices they make at this critical time will either reignite growth or condemn them to business gravity. Reignite provides many pragmatic examples and tools that help executives, managers, and leaders see opportunity through a different lens, so they can discover the profitable connection between market needs and their organization’s unique capabilities.


Master Breakthrough Growth Minibuk Series


As a leader of your organization you are tasked with growing the business and having the answers. Things work well…most of the time. You are so close to meeting goals. If only you could get some quick insight on how to take things one step further or generate results one level higher. Now you can!

This quick and easy to read three-book series of minibuks gives you an overview of the critical three-step process necessary to achieve breakthrough growth.
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Discovery 101: Moneyball for Business Workbook

This workbook is the essential first step for any type of critical business decision making. It lays the foundation for an accurate, objective and confident analysis, recommendation and ultimately, decision. Without factual knowledge of the business and market, the decision-makers are “flying blind.”

This workbook is designed to give you tools to help identify what information you need to know, suggestions on where you might be able to find it and some ways to analyze its importance. While this workbook is not all encompassing, we hope it points you in the right direction and as you move through it, you will discover other data that you may want to gather and track, or sources of information that you hadn’t considered. In other words, the important thing we hope to accomplish is to establish the discipline of conducting discovery before making critical business decisions.
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Strategic Planning Workbook

The Breakthrough Masters Strategic Planning Workbook can restore vision, accountability, and profitability to your company with this step-by-step Master Planners’ Guide. We have developed a workbook that walks your organization through the development of a strategic plan. By the time you finish the workbook, the strategic plan is complete! It incorporates the tools and examples that Margaret uses with her clients in on-site engagements, but can be completed independently by the client on their own time table.

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