Take your company’s growth to the next level

Who would benefit?

This is for organizations that want to reignite their growth trajectory and take it to the next level. Any organization with a new CEO, a plan to sell in 5 years or less, or with a flat or dwindling growth rate will come away with the plan by which to lead the organization to significant profitable growth.

What is included?

This is a 3-4 month tailored engagement which will result in a comprehensive plan that will transform how the company thinks about itself, how it approaches its work, what it prioritizes and how it spends its money while achieving game-changing growth. There are three phases in the 3D Breakthrough Solution:

Margaret challenged us and pushed us hard when we were working through challenging issues. I could tell she had the “toughness” that I knew it would take to work with our team. It was the right decision as she sometimes had to do exactly that – call folks out and make it real. We have a well-defined strategic plan with goals that are very relevant to where are business is today.

Tim Chadwick


While strategic planning isn’t new to us, finding a process that the team gets engaged with and is clear enough to enable accountability is. When we worked with Breakthrough Master on our recent strategic planning efforts, their approach introduced new tools that were effective for us and we appreciate that Margaret Reynolds (gently) prodded and poked to really make us think about our choices and what we would have to do to make our plans a reality. We were more than pleased with the result, as were our corporate stakeholders. While we feel good about our plan, more importantly we feel good about our future.

Thank you very much from the planning team here at Swagelok Austin!



Fred Kaimer

President, Swagelok, Austin


Full, detailed discovery with use of database comparisons to like-type companies and a written report of relevant insights along with identification of market driven strategic opportunities.


Craft comprehensive strategic funnel with a cascading set of strategic decisions to guide the company and its investments going forward.


Create an implementation action plan with initiatives, milestones, accountabilities, measures, resource allocation, conmmunication plan and financial plan. It also includes a comprehensive written strategic plan.

Results you will enjoy

If you would like to have an organization that is focused on a common purpose, aligned in their behavior, engaged in key initiatives and results that far surpass the current state, Reignite Accelerator is the answer.

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