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Who would benefit?

If your organization has done strategic planning in the past with little to show for it, this is the approach that will get the results you are looking for; if you have never done strategic planning and want to get it right the first time; if you are looking for dramatic results faster…this is the ideal approach.

What is included?

This is a twelve month engagement that starts with the Reignite Accelerator approach but goes beyond that. In Discovery we will add customer and competitor research to augment current company knowledge and ensure we understand market needs, and market composition and where there is space to grow.  This phase is typically 6-8 weeks.

The second is the Development of a strategic funnel, a series of strategic decisions that form a comprehensive strategy and occurs in workshop sessions scheduled every other week for a total of 4-5 sessions.

The final phase, Delivery, ensures that the plan isn’t just written but that the integration of actions into day-to-day operations occurs, accountability is established and success is defined.  This phase is usually completed in less than 4 weeks.

The Reignite Navigator features a fourth phase, Do-It!  After the 3D Breakthrough Solution is complete, the real work of implementation begins  For many, navigating new projects never done before while trying to keep up with day-to-day operations is just too much.  It explains why 80%-90% of plans fail.  This last phase provides the support needed for success.

I left a very senior role in a publicly-traded company to found a high-tech start-up. We were very lean at the top and I hired Margaret Reynolds to advise on marketing and strategy, and to do specific market studies. Within 3 years we were recognized as the 15th fastest growing company in the United States and a national finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year global competition. I attribute much of our success to Margaret’s sharp business acumen, business background, and ability to position where a business is and where it should be. Dick Jarman

Executive Search Consultant, Anderson & Associates, Inc.


Everything included in the Accelerator PLUS a proprietary piece of customer research to capture their insights, perspectives, and needs as well as a competitor analysis.


Everything in the accelerator



Everything in the accelerator

Do it!

An accountability plan to meet regularly with the executive group to track, monitor, review and revise the plan as needed for the following 9 months after plan creation and a fast start effort that provides support for champions for up to three identified strategic initiatives to ensure they get going fast and achieve results quickly without derailing day-to-day operations.

Results you will enjoy

If you want confidence that you WILL meet your strategic goals and reignite performance to new levels, this plan is your best choice.

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