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Selling-BusinessYou have worked hard to build the business that has sustained you and your family for your professional career. Now it’s almost time to turn over the reins to its future owner so you can enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle that you have earned. So how do you maximize the selling price of the business? New owners are looking for businesses that can hold up to market challenges, have something unique to offer, are growing and generating favorable margins. It is imperative for owners who want top dollar to prepare ahead of time so that the business is in a position to earn it.

How does Breakthrough Masters Unlimited help you do that? We help you discover the best growth opportunities for your business and how to increase the profitability of your customers; we help you develop a T minus 5  game plan that establishes goals and objectives you want your business to achieve under your leadership and we help you determine how you will deliver the necessary results. We will even walk alongside you while you do it—the heavy lifting of strategic project execution. The outcome?

• A strategic plan tailored to the timeframe that matches your goals

• A work plan that identifies the specific actions needed to accomplish them

• A resource plan that balances return with investment

Case Study

Cramer Products, Inc., an ESOP, is an industry leader in sports medicine and athletic training room supplies. They originally hired Reynolds Consulting, LLC for strategic planning assistance in 2004. Two acquisitions later they have been able to almost double their business in the last five years and recently hired Reynolds Consulting LLC for the next five-year plan. View the case study

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