Margaret Reynolds

Master Growth Catalyst

Margaret Reynolds

Since founding her own company in 2001, Margaret has presented keynotes and workshops to business leaders and entrepreneurs challenged with taking their organizations to the next level, providing education, entertainment and inspiration in corporate, round table and association settings. Breakthrough Masters Unlimited has a strong track record helping organizations achieve breakthrough growth.

Margaret’s book: Boost Your GrowthDNA.

Margaret is adept at encouraging leaders to “see through a different lens” as they approach the challenge of accelerating their organization’s growth. She stretches their thinking and builds confidence in their ability to successfully execute the solutions. She will help you get the results you want.

These talks are based on the ideas presented in Margaret’s book, Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth, and proven over 15 years with her clients’ results.

All talks include audience interaction designed to engage participants in assimilating information, make the session highly memorable and provide takeaways that can be immediately applied to any organization. Each is also customized to reflect your audience’s market challenges.

Margaret, thank you for coming in and spending a couple hours with us. I have sat through a lot of strategy discussions and this short meeting was one of the better meetings I’ve attended. The case studies of others and how you weaved that into our model was great. I felt like for the first time in a long time we are thinking bigger and are more apt to change based on what our customers are telling us. It was once said that Wayne Gretzky was a great hockey player because he anticipated where the puck was going to be. In my opinion we as a management team need to come to the realization the puck might be further down the ice than we had originally thought. As those before me at Tractor Supply have always said, “What got us here won’t get us to where we want to be”. This is pivotal time in the growth of the company and it is likely time for a step function.

Thanks for stimulating our thinking.

Steve Barbarick

President, Tractor Supply Company

“Excellent presentation. Spoke to some of the existing challenges we face at this time. I am excited to read Margaret’s book.”  

CEO participant, Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program

“Your approach to growth planning makes more sense than anything I have seen in years.”

Executive Team Leader, Arkansas Department of Education

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Topic 1: Three keys to achieving breakthrough results

This topic works well with a team from a single company or for general gatherings of C suite executives. Even high-performance companies underperform against their potential. Learn the three key steps necessary to get unstuck that holds your company back from achieving transformative growth. Margaret Reynolds walks you through each step, sharing tools, tips, and practical advice that can be immediately applied to your company. Leave with ideas that can energize the entire organization and yield sustainable high performance.

Topic 2: Four things a CEO cannot delegate

C-level executives wear many hats yet there are four things only a C-suite executive can do: determining the relevant market to serve, crafting a purposeful culture, defining a focused strategy for growth, and directing day-to-day implementation. Executives who own these responsibilities and do them well lead highly successful companies.    

Topic 3: Moneyball for Business

Learn how to turn data into a competitive advantage and improve short-term financial success. In business, what we don’t know will hurt us. This session shares what data you need, where to find the data, and how to apply it to both operating and strategic decisions.    

Topic 4: Mastering Breakthrough Growth

Most companies underperform against their potential. Learn the three key steps to get unstuck and return to high performance.    

Topic 5: The Personal Breakthrough

Personal breakthrough focuses on the leader’s role in enabling the organization to develop a viable market strategy. The concepts and examples shared encourage and equip leaders to be successful in driving growth.    

Topic 6: The Leadership Breakthrough

Leadership breakthrough highlights the importance of crafting a viable growth strategy that creates alignment in the organization. The concepts introduced enable leadership teams to accomplish more together.

Topic 7: The Company Breakthrough

Execution of growth plans is the biggest challenge faced by most organizations (reaching or exceeding the goals they set for themselves). This session covers the steps necessary to ensure plans are linked with day-to-day operations. These market-proven tools help companies achieve record-breaking growth, in record-breaking time.

See Margaret’s Delivery

A 45-minute sample of Margaret’s compelling presentation, ‘Simple Truths’.”

Tool Demonstration

This two-minute video demonstrates a tool that Margaret uses in strategic leadership presentations. The visual has proven effective at helping audiences grasp concepts and retain applications and serves as a reminder when they get home.

9 minute video of FAQs

FAQs about strategic planning that Margaret fields on a regular basis from her clients.